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It's been five months since I posted anything, and I still have nothing coherent to say except that I've been listening to this acapella cover of 'Landslide' an awful lot in the last few days.
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Never Be Lonely - The Feeling
Someone To Fall Back On - USC Reverse Osmosis
She's Got The Rhythm - The Summer Set
Never Say Never - The Fray
Closer - 井上ジョー
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Home safe, though kind of exhausted. Why do holidays have to end?

And a meme, stolen from [ profile] seajules:

Put your music player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first song is the title.
(English songs only, because I'm not up to translating most of the other languages!

And finally the silence
Heard you today, that isn't my name, you were fast asleep.
I was born in a forked-tongued story,
And even though the moment passed me by,
When it hurts too much to pretend,
Tonight I'm so alone.

The last time I saw you, you turned away.
The sidewalk bends where your house ends.
He and I had something beautiful;
Am I alone in this?
Black fingernails, red wine.

There are nine million bicycles in Beijing,
I need to know if you were real.
Strokes of dark, a brush of light,
You, you got me,
Sweeping up plaster.

Good morning sun,
Hello, hello.
Well, I’m looking for an old soul.
Someone is waiting,
I'm driving to your house.
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Artists beginning with J!

Jann Arden - How Good Things Are
Jason Reeves - The End
J - Kiss Me
Joshua Radin - Closer
Jack's Mannequin - La La Lie
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The melancholy women issue?

Hope Alone - Indigo Girls
Let's not drag this out, everything's in motion
Though I've only ever loved you kind and with devotion
I remember when I met you and even from the start
I thought one day you'd probably just come home and break my heart

Letting You Go - Lauren Kennedy
Changing the lock
Turning the key
Letting you go away from me.
Knowing it’s better
Here in my head

Unplayed Piano - Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan
Unplayed pianos
Are often by a window
In a room where nobody loved goes

Icarus Wind - Thea Gilmore
It’s the Icarus wind whispering in my ear
It’s the Icarus wind dusting away those tears
Singing, baby the truth is that this won’t hurt at all
Soon there’ll just be feathers and the quiet of the fall

Recessional - Vienna Teng (m4a)
Fluorescent announcements beat their wings overhead:
"Passengers missing, we're looking for you."
And she dreams through the noise, her weight against me,
Face pressed into the corduroy grooves.

Maybe it means nothing, maybe it means nothing,
Maybe it means nothing, but I'm afraid to move.

Music Meme

Jun. 16th, 2008 11:27 am
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A couple more letters from the music meme.

C, for [ profile] illuminations:
Contagious - Casey Stratton
Communication - The Cardigans
Chand Sifarish - Shaan & Kailash Kher
Colour Everywhere - Deana Carter
Cavalry - Delays

P, for [ profile] hoyah:
Privilege - Balligomingo
Pensando En Ti - Frankie J
Pictures Of People - Black Lab
Pirate Moon - Thea Gilmore
Paperweight - Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk

Music Meme

Jun. 12th, 2008 01:27 pm
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[ profile] sunfever. Again.

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post that to your journal with these instructions.

The Fray - The Great Beyond
Alison Krauss - Ghost In This House
Nickel Creek - Green and Gray
Cobra Starship - Guilty Pleasure
The Wallflowers - God Says Nothing Back

Muse Music

May. 4th, 2008 07:17 pm
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A selection from the Jaechun playlist, for you know who.

Show You Love - Jars Of Clay
I'm gonna show you a love in every language / I'm gonna speak with the words that need no form / I'm gonna give you what you never had before

Ode To A Friend - Jann Arden
Don't go home now / It's past midnight / You can sleep here / we'll have breakfast

You Picked Me - A Fine Frenzy
The tall buildings / Fading in the distance / Only dots on a map / Four, five, six /The two of us a perfect fit

Boy At The Piano - Vienna Teng
Two hands skimmin' over keys, "that's fine" / Says the girl in the corner, the kid on the ledge. / And the boy at the piano plays on

Ordinary Moment - Fisher
Tell the world / that you’re busy doing nothing / Cancel everything - let it go / Hey, do we know what really matters here?

Your Body Is A Wonderland - John Mayer
I love the shape you take when crawling towards the pillowcase / You tell me where to go and / Though I might leave to find it / I'll never let your head hit the bed / Without my hand behind it

Such Great Heights - Duke Rhythm And Blue
True, it may seem like a stretch, but / it's thoughts like this that catch my troubled head / when you're away, when I am missing you to death

Tu Trouveras - Natasha St-Pier
But if you read between the lines / You will find in my songs / Everything that I didn't know how to say to you

Ache For You - Ben Lee
there's no rhyme and there's no reason / you're the secret in the back of my skull / there's no logic, so please believe me / our love's confusing, but it never gets dull

Lights On - The Pierces
Make love with the lights on baby / Tell me what you see / Clear the bed to lie on darlin' / Make a mess of me

And an extra!
Ladykiller - Alice In Videoland
Hey man, you got it / You're really turning me on / You're dead wrong!
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Random five, from iTunes on shuffle.

Aitai - Younha

Blue And Yellow - The Used

Baby Baby - JJ Lin

Hurricane - Eric Benet

Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai - Kay Kay
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Songs for ending.

Letting You Go - Lauren Kennedy
Maybe it’s good / Learning to lose / Maybe I’ll shine / Finally free / Letting you go away from me.

Ghost In This House - Alison Krauss
I'm just a whisper of smoke / I'm all that's left of two hearts on fire / That once burned out of control

Why Do We Always Fight - Byz
I can’t look at you / I can’t be with you tonight / And I know that this ain't right / Because I love you so but I have to go alone

As You Turn To Go - The 6ths
Let the poets struggle to describe your heart / Your art of love and your love of art / Well, if you ever loved me / Tell me so / As you turn to go

And because I completely forgot last week, two bonus songs to children.

In My Arms - Plumb
and as i watch / you start to grow up / all I can do is hold you tight

Lullaby For A Stormy Night - Vienna Teng
little child, be not afraid / though rain pounds harshly against the glass / like an unwanted stranger, there is no danger / I am here tonight
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Music from the playlist a particular muse had me put together the other night.

Ever Fallen In Love - Thea Gilmore
Cover of the Buzzcocks original.
And I'm hurt / And if I start a commotion / I run the risk of losing you / And that's worse

Inevitable - Anberlin
Amazing how life turns out the way that it does / We end up hurting the worst, the only ones we really love

Yours To Hold - Skillet
I wonder why you've been hurting / I wish I had some way to say / You're going through so much / Don't you know that I could be the one to hold you

First Love - Utada Hikaru
(Translation by [ profile] kyuuketsukirui, and I hope she won't mind the appropriation.)
You will always be inside my heart / There's always a place just for you / I hope that I have a place in your heart, too / Now and forever you are still the one

Ashes & Wine - A Fine Frenzy
Shut it out / I've got no claim on you now / Not allowed to wear your freedom down / Is there a chance? / A fragment of light at the end of the tunnel?
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Music by Korean artists who haven't sold their soul to SM! Indie, a touch of hip-hop, a dash of pop. But I'm not telling what's what.

현실의 현실 - Nell

Be My 1004 - iM

슬픈 영화 - Loveholic

없는 번호 - Big Bang

웃어 - Napoleon Dynamite
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Songs about/for driving to:

Where No-One Knows Me - Jann Arden
Got my hands on the wheel, got my foot on the pedal / Gonna drive til I drop, til the tires turn to metal

Another White Dash - Butterfly Boucher
Something about having everything / You think you'll ever need / Sitting in the seat next to you

Sweeter Than This - Katie Herzig
Life is boxes in back of our car, / Driving around with the dreams in a jar

Shasta (Carrie's Song) - Vienna Teng
And you're thinking about clouds the color of fire / And the scent of an orange peel / The way Mt. Shasta explodes into windshield view / And your hands steady on the wheel

Drive - DBSK
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The girl covers of boy songs edition.

Black is the Colour - Cara Dillon
An Irish ballad, in a beautiful voice.
She's got the sweetest face and the gentlest hands, / I love the ground whereon she stands.

Wilder Than her - Dar Williams
She's a house on fire, she's got all those charms / I'm a house on fire, too, but I got four alarms

Pour Some Sugar On Me - Emm Gryner
A quite different take on the Def Leppard song.

Dream On - Kelly Sweet
And Aerosmith.

Meme music

Mar. 9th, 2008 12:07 pm
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Late music this week. Here're the 10 songs I uploaded for the iTunes meme.

1. Don't Look In Their Eyes - Stabilo
and never, nevermind these awful cries / it's not as real if you don't look in their eyes

2. You're My Miracle (Japanese Version) - DBSK

3. Gamble Everything For Love - Ben Lee
I think I uploaded this song before, but here it is just in case.
Make a list of things you need, leave it empty / Except for number one, write “love”, gamble everything

4. Heart - Stars
Time can take its toll on the best of us / Look at you you're growing old so young,

5. Bleeding Out - Dishwalla
Do you know just what it's like to burn inside so often? / To see the life you give is not in vain and not forgotten

6. Homecoming (Walter's Song) - Vienna Teng
Well we all write our own endings / And we all have our own scars / But tonight I think I see what it's all about

7. Cover Me - Thea Gilmore
Promise me baby you won't let them find us / Hold me in your arms, let's let our love blind us

8. Say (All I Need) - OneRepublic
Do you know where your heart is / Do you think you can find it / Did you trade it for something, somewhere

9. Satellite News - Feeder
I wanna lift myself up to the sky / Serenade the stars as I pass by / Wanna leave it all just for a while

10. Oyasumi, Mata Ashita - Aluto
Goodnight, see you tomorrow!

iTunes Meme

Mar. 8th, 2008 09:45 pm
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Because [ profile] sunfever told me to.

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Put iTunes or equivalent media player on random.
3. For each song that plays, write something related to the theme you picked inspired by the song. You have only the time frame of the song: no planning beforehand: you start when it starts, and no lingering afterward; once the song is over, you stop writing. (No fair skipping songs either; you have to take what comes by chance!)
4. Do 10 of these, then post.

Warning: I played strictly by the rules, several of these stop in the middle of a sentence.

DBSK, assorted pairings, ratings and themes.

Assorted songs and snippets at [ profile] writingonawall.
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Vaguely themed around almosts and in-betweens:

Fool - bôa
The English band, not the Korean woman. It's probably unnecessary to explain why I identify so strongly with parts of this.
I was born and raised / As an eastern girl in a western world

Redwing - Hem
This one makes me think about the space between childhood and adolesence, for some reason.
But I don't want to still believe in / The gravity of solid ground

Good Bye, Good Luck - Nan Quan Mama
Mandarin. I have no idea what they're really singing about, but it feels like learning to let go.

Love The One You're With - Suemitsu and the Suemith
Japanese man with piano covers 1970s folk. And I really like it.
And if you can't be with the one you love / Honey, love the one you're with

Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy
Sweet and wistful. Also, true.
Well, I'd never want to see you unhappy / I thought you'd want the same for me
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I was uploading these for [ profile] kyuuketsukirui, so today's music is a double artist feature.

The self-titled first album of the French indie group. Highly recommended. (One song is missing because I don't have it.)

And a bonus for [ profile] sunfever: Four songs from the third album, 300 Lésions.

Random DBSK music:
Korean )

Japanese )
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Because I'm going to be away on Friday, a semi-valentine's music post. With, uh, some very odd love songs.

Razor Valentine - Thea Gilmore
The love song for me.
I love you like a drunk / At the sound of closing time / I love you as the seconds on my tongue /Are running wild / I love you razor valentine.

Spoken - September
Finally found an mp3 version; also a love song, of sorts.
Tonight I am standing with you / A chance to change the world as we know it

I Love You - Changmin
Not the showcase version, for those of you who know it. This is 30 seconds of acapella, with a special bonus of Jaejoong saying 'I love you too, eh?' in his best mafioso voice. I have no idea.

Blue Caravan - Vienna Teng
The love stories we tell ourselves.
For my true love is a man / Who never existed at all / Oh he was a beautiful fiction / I invented to keep out the cold

Cold Tea Blues - Cowboy Junkies
For me, tea is love. (Lyrics below, but really it's not the lyrics, it's the emotion.)
If I stop there, claiming ignorance of taste, / That is tea. / But if I measure the sugar / To satisfy your expectant tongue / Then that is love
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Apparently, this is the soundtrack edition.

Canción Del Mariachi (feat. Antonio Banderas) - Los Lobos
From the Desperado soundtrack.

하루달 - DBSK
From the Air City soundtrack.

Bruised (Remix) - Jack's Mannequin
From the Snakes on a Plane soundtrack.

Hymn For Those Left Behind - Shannon Moore
From the Latter Days soundtrack. Yes, the gay Mormon movie. But it's a pretty song!

바다여행 (최한성 Ver.)
- Lee Sun Gyun
From the Coffee Prince soundtrack


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