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2009-07-26 12:16 pm
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Anime recs?

I need anime recs! I run more towards the shounen end of the spectrum, but rec me anything!

Currently watching: Bleach, FMA:Brotherhood, Naruto

Also, TV and movie recs that I might have missed?
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2009-07-18 10:44 pm
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Reasons why this Saturday was awesome:

1. Cupcakes!
2. White chocolate and raspberry brownies!
3. Crepes!
4. New skirt!
5. New top!
6. New shoes!
7. Bulgogi!
8. Alcohol!
9. New yarn!

Also this Unshelved strip. A little funny, a little, oh, world.
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2009-06-17 10:48 pm


An update, in numbered points.

1. I have more dreamwidth invite codes, if anyone wants them.

2. I now possess a piece of paper that says I've completed all the requirements for my pre-registration year. Which means in 6 weeks (give or take) I get to pay the GMC £500 for the privilege of being a fully-registered medical practitioner. I guess on balance this is a good thing...

3. I have been bullied into attending the hospital summer ball next month. Someone please persuade me not to buy a new dress!

4. Sims 3 is just as addictive as the previous two.

5. Writing is hard work.
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2009-04-28 11:40 am
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I need new things to watch. Rec me TV/movies/anime please?