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Just finished a pair of lacy ankle socks that I designed... for a value of designed that means putting together odd elements I like!

Water to Sky Anklets )
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Because... well, because I am ridiculously easy for Linda.

Ask me to take a picture of something for you, and I will! (I myself may or may not be off-limits...)

Also, happy holiday, flist, whether you celebrate Christmas or not!
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So I start my first real job on Monday. I think this is the part where I run in circles, whimpering as I chew my nails. Here, have a couple more African albums.

Okovango Delta )

Khama Rhino Sanctuary )
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Finally sorted the first batch of my Africa photos. Have some teasers, and links to the albums.

Sunset cruise on the Zambezi river )

Victoria Falls )

Chobe National Park )
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For those who wanted to see the fruits of my latest knitting project. (With apologies for the blurriness of the close-up. My camera's being cranky.)

Under the cut )
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Because I promised a few people this spam, some pictures from Egypt. Click on the pics to enlarge, and if anyone's interested in more, just prod me.

Sunrise, sunset and inbetween )
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As promised, a small assortment of photos from Dubai. These are not the very best photos ever taken, since several were taken from a moving vehicle and my camera was being cranky. Still, they provide an idea.

Sea )

Desert )

More here for the curious. Including belly dancing, hotels, and experiments in light trails.


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