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I'm offering knitting on [community profile] help_japan here.
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If anyone's interested, I'm offering my Alpine Lace Stole as seen here on [community profile] help_haiti. Here is the post.
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A pair of fingerless mitts for myself, also my first ever knitting with buttons!

Silvery and leafy )
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An assortment of projects from the last couple of months:

Handwarmers/Hat/Throw/Socks )
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Just finished a pair of lacy ankle socks that I designed... for a value of designed that means putting together odd elements I like!

Water to Sky Anklets )
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Another hat, with the leftovers from my mitts.

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I could use some good feelings.

my thread

Also, socks. Mmm, socks.

Salto? Salto! )
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I'm calling this my Pirate Queen shawl-scarf-thing, because the pattern's called Juno Regina, and the colour of the yarn is Rum Point. Also, it is about a thousand times more soft than it looks. Mmm, cashmere.

arrr )
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My first mitts!

Alpaca fuzziness )
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Thigh-high socks of boringness and neverendingosity. So boring they make me make up words. For someone who had better appreciate the pain they put me through.


Apr. 19th, 2009 05:10 pm
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Finished my first stuffed toy, for Meagan. Also under the cut, a solitary picture of Linda's hat, that she's promised to model soon...

Elephant of cute )
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Hat for a certain someone, as modeled by Bear.

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This seems to have turned into Shay's knitting blog...

Socks for me! Finally done... Yes, those are my feet modelling.

And baby socks to go with the baby hat. I did make two! That picture just didn't turn out so well.
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Another gifting shawl down.

More )
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It was sprung on me that a friend's baby shower is next week, so with no time for anything fancy, I whipped up a teeny-tiny hat with a lacy heart.

From Knitting
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Finally finished and blocked my sister's shawl. iPhone-quality pictures under the cut because of course I forgot my camera.

This way )
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For those who wanted to see the fruits of my latest knitting project. (With apologies for the blurriness of the close-up. My camera's being cranky.)

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