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How long has it been since I posted anything? Anyway, [personal profile] torachan asked me about some of my (DW) icons, so here they are. If anyone else wants to ask me about other icons, go for it.

This one's been sitting in my pile for a long time. I don't use it all that much any more, and I can't remember in what context I picked it up, but I love the colours and the way there's a mask painted on her mask.

This bit of the anime made me laugh out loud so I was really pleased when I ran into this icon. Basically, Ichigo is an idiot, and I use this icon when I'm being silly or I think someone else is being ridiculous. Also, I think about Rukia's 'Ichigo, you dumbass' face everytime I see it and it makes me happy.

Aww, box-robots holding hands. This is my 'being supportive' or 'offering advice' icon. Also, I think it is adorable.

Mostly this icon is still in rotation because the colours are pretty. Also, I like the parallel tracks converging in the distance, so it gets used for 'travel' and 'togetherness'-type comments. When I comment at all...

Oh, hey, an icon I actually made myself. For a value of made that means 'cropped'... From this webcomic panel, which was lots of places on the interwebs for a while. It's still ridiculously cute and makes me smile so it's basically going to be in use forever. Firefox has all the cookies!
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